Dear Western Slope Community

We are excited to announce a new alliance of Western Slope partners focused on conserving the land we love so dearly. West Slope Conservation Partners, a new collective effort from four distinct land trusts, celebrates our shared interest to create a more interconnected conservation community. 

These four organizations span the southwestern corner of Colorado: Colorado West Land Trust, Crested Butte Land Trust, Montezuma Land Conservancy, and La Plata Open Space Conservancy. Together, we have conserved 193,238 acres throughout the region and are working on ways to increase our impact.

Once you live on these lands, they become part of who you are. We live, play, work, and hold an intense appreciation for this landscape. But without active protection, this land won’t be around for future generations to enjoy. Western Colorado faces increasing pressures that threaten the land, wildlife, and our quintessential lifestyle. Population growth, stresses on agriculture, a hotter, drier climate, and increased residential development are all demanding more than what the land can bear. Agricultural lands alone decrease by nearly 690 acres a day in Colorado, and studies in the early 2000s rank Colorado third in the nation for agricultural land loss. The time is now to act and strengthen our local and regional efforts to protect land.

Our answer to meet these profound challenges is by working together. Through this partnership, we hope to create a sharper focus and dedicate our efforts to positively impact our greatest assets—the communities in which we live, and the land we love. Whether it’s protecting more acres or offering education programs that reach a broader audience, we know that with more hands and heads at the table, the opportunities are limitless. 

We hope that you’ll join us by getting involved with your local land trust. Together, we can address the challenges we face on the Western Slope. After all, this is your place. Your life. And your future. 

The West Slope Conservation Partners

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